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Government Agencies

AIT has steadily evolved since its founding as the SEATO Graduate School of Engineering in 1959. During the course of its 49-year history, the Institute has earned a well-deserved reputation for the high quality of its teaching, research and outreach activities. AIT's interdisciplinary academic programs, leading to Diploma, Certificate, Masters and Doctoral degrees, are offered in response to the needs of the countries in the region.

Originally, funds came to AIT through multilateral support for scholarships from many donor governments and agencies. Some of these scholarship programs continue, but donors have begun a shift away from multilateral support to more bilateral involvements. While the numbers of such scholarships have declined, the demand from Asian countries for higher education in engineering, technology and management that is practically based in the context of concern for environment, gender-responsiveness and sustainable development has been rising. This high regional demand falls within a human development arena where the provision of scholarships and fellowships to students continues to be an important tool. To address this demand, AIT has been entering into cooperation and partnership agreements with individual governments, national-level agencies, state universities and research institutions, as well as with international funding organizations, for human resources development and capacity building in the region.

Scholarship/fellowship programs to meet the human resources development and institutional capacity building of government agencies are currently being discussed with many governments of Asia's developing countries ( e.g., Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Indonesia, and the Philippines). The Institute has also embarked on collaborative partnerships with governments which had provide support for AIT students in the past. Ambassadors or their representatives are being visited, informed, and invited to visit the Institute. The Institute also continues to develop and foster academic linkages with Asian, European and American institutions for student and faculty exchange programs, as well as dual degree programs for students.

You are invited to visit the major governmental partners of AIT listed here for details: