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Admissions Process and Calendar

Admissions Process

Applying to graduate study at AIT is a simple process. Application for admission takes only four steps.

STEP 1: Review Requirements and Procedures
Read the Requirements and Procedures page to find out the admissions requirements including tests, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and application fees.

STEP 2: Apply online 

STEP 3: Study Guidelines for Applicants   

STEP 4: Explore Financial Aid
If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please see the financial and information page.

Admissions Calendar

The AIT academic year consists of two semesters: January and August. While most students are admitted in August, for flexibility students can be admitted into certain fields in January. Doctoral students may enter either in January or August semester.

  (1) For applicants who require early offer of admission or those with visa and passport restrictions their application must be submitted to AIT at least 3 months before the above deadlines.