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Education & Training

The Asian Institute of Technology offers the opportunity to study at an advanced international level at an Asian institution of higher education which is recognized worldwide and possesses a strong reputation for applied research focused on many of today’s greatest problems.

Students benefit from challenging academic programs and by participating in relevant research projects conducted in Thailand and across the Asian region. Through a rich and varied curriculum, students are presented with ample opportunities for intellectual growth. All academic programs are conducted in English.

AIT is distinguished by its mission to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy. It is especially unique in that it serves the human resource development needs of developing countries in Asia, taking into account their specific development priorities, gender issues and social values.

Our programs follow a multidisciplinary approach to education that couples real life problems with the latest in education and technology. Academic program development at AIT is a continuous process of renewal and forward thinking that seeks to match our expertise with the latest needs of the Asia-Pacific.

AIT embodies two defining strengths: its scientific and technology expertise and its internationality. Known for educating leading engineers, scientists, teachers, managers, and entrepreneurs, AIT is a recognized Asian leader in fields such as civil and industrial engineering, environment, energy, food, disaster management, IT and informatics, sustainable development in the context of climate change, and management of technology.

Our faculty members are well-established international experts in their respective fields. They have taught over 20,000 masters and doctoral graduates who live and work in over half of the world’s countries. AIT faculty members are widely published in international journals and they continuously serve as consultants in numerous national and international development projects. After fifty-four years of AIT's existence, AIT faculty and research scientists have created tremendous amounts of new knowledge of benefit to society.

Training and Capacity Building

Drawing on this body of knowledge and expertise, the AIT Extension offers non-degree training programs and continuing education courses for practicing professionals from across the Asia-Pacific region.

AIT Library

Academic and research support is provided by our Library, which offers an integrated online system library with over 230,000 items and 900 journal subscriptions in science, engineering, technology, and management.

AIT Language Center

The AIT Language Center directly supports the mission of the Institute through its AIT Bridging Program – an intensive English language and academic preparation program for entering students from a variety of educational backgrounds. In addition, the Center supports all AIT students by offering writing clinics, workshops, on-line and live writing courses as well as Thai and French language courses.