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First Tsunami Science and Preparedness Certificate Program in Asia


The first Tsunami Science and Preparedness (TSP) Certificate Program in Asia will be jointly organized by AIT and University of Washington (UW), USA, with the support from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID-Asia) in Bangkok from 10-26 March 2008. The program is offered as part of AIT’s new post-graduate study program on Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management.

TSP program is an intensive 16-day program specifically developed for professionals and practitioners actively engaged in end-to-end tsunami warning, mitigation and preparedness activities.  It is the most comprehensive  program of its kind, designed to equip professionals with the finest resources available and vital skills to help them save lives and build tsunami-resilient societies. 


The program intends to include:

-    Planners, policy makers, and government officials responsible for national or local tsunami programs;
-    Scientists, engineers and professionals responsible for developing, establishing and maintaining tsunami warning and preparedness systems at the national, regional or local levels;
-    Emergency managers and professionals in disaster management;
-    Practitioners in coastal management and coastal community development;
-    NGO personnel working on capacity building and human aspects of disaster response and preparedness;
-    University lecturers and potential instructors for future in-country tsunami education and training


The program consists of three modules:

Module 1: Tsunami Hazard Assessment

Module 2: Tsunami Warning Systems

Module 3: Tsunami Mitigation and Preparedness & Coastal Community


Courses will be delivered and coordinated by a team of instructors from AIT, UW, NOAA, ADPC and several other institutions in Asia. Leading scientists and experts from the US, which include Dr. Eddie Bernard, Director of Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Dr. Charles McCreery, Director of Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC), and Mr. George Crawford of Washington Emergency Management Division, along with several experts in Asia will be sharing their technical expertise and providing guidance to the program participants.


A 4-day field trip to Ranong, Phang-Nga and Phuket provinces in the southern Thailand is designed to reinforce concepts and principles covered in the program courses. It will provide an opportunity to witness evidence in the field that is difficult to replicate in a classroom or lab, and to confront the realities that government officials and community leaders must face in assuring tsunami preparedness.  The field excursion allows program participants to:

- Meet with local residents and officials in a coastal community in
Ranong province
- Conduct a field exercise on community resilience assessment and planning
- Visit the tsunami’s hardest hit areas along the Phang-Nga coast
- Examine paleo-tsunami evidence  at Phra Thong island, Phang-Nga province
- Appreciate the role of mangrove forest as a natural barrier
- Learn about the incident command system in Patong for tsunami response & recovery


AIT and UW will each award a Professional Certificate in Tsunami Science and Preparedness from their respective institutions to each participant upon his/her successful completion of the Program.


With the support from NOAA and USAID-Asia, full financial support will be awarded to thirty (30) selected applicants from India, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Thailand to participate in this program.  The financial support covers tuition, accommodation, meals,
field trip, and all travel expenses.  For selected applicants from other countries, the cost of the 16-day certificate program is US$ 2,500, which does not include the international travel expenses to and from his/her country.


Admission to the certificate program is competitive.  The program utilizes a collaborative, peer-to-peer learning approach.  Selection of program participants is based on the need for professional diversity and the following admission requirements.  Desired qualifications for admission to the program include:
- A Bachelor’s or equivalent degree
- Current employment in a tsunami and/or multi-hazard disaster-related field
-    Adequate proficiency in the English language
Applicants are expected to submit:
- A brief essay (250 words or less) that describes (1) their relevant work experience and (2) how they expect the program will help they meet their professional goals.
- A resume listing their current position and responsibilities, educational background, specialized training and other applicable experience, as well as their mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.
- The name, title, and e-mail address of at least one individual who will serve as thier reference.

Deadline for applications is 31 January 2008.  Applicants may apply by e-mail or regular mail to:

Dr. Theerachai Haitook
Tsunami Science and Preparedness Program Assistant
Asian Institute of Technology
Km. 42 Paholyothin Highway, Klong Luang,
Pathumthani 12120, THAILAND
Email: theerachai@ait.ac.th[2]
Telephone: 66-2-524-5212