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Pakistan earthquake: TSF emergency team includes AIT volunteer

Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) deployed a team of emergency telecommunications specialists in response to the recent 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Pakistan. The TSF team includes a volunteer from the Asian Institute of Technology, a Relief Web press release said. The team departed Bangkok on October 31 and will be deployed in the earthquake-affected province of Balotchistan.
According to the release, phones lines have been cut off in this part of the country. TSF will run humanitarian calling operations so that those affected can give news to their families and ask for personalized assistance. TSF will also make sure rescue teams have sufficient communication means to respond to the disaster and communicate right at the heart of the affected area. If needed, TSF will install Emergency Communication Centres with a satellite-based broadband internet connection, voice communications and necessary information technology equipment.

The Pakistani government estimates that more than 300 people have been killed and dozens have been seriously injured. More than 2,000 houses have been destroyed in several villages. Rescue teams are concentrating efforts on building shelters for at least 3,000 people to protect them from extremely cold nights in what is a highly mountainous area, the report said.

Click here to read the report by TSF: