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Prospective students welcomed on Visit AIT Day

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is an ideal place for students to acquire an international outlook while maintaining an Asian orientation. AIT students graduate with an international perspective; high level of IT competence; innovation; and are able to achieve integration of holistic aspects while remaining pegged to industrial relevance. This was stated by Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, AIT’s Vice President for Resource and Development while welcoming prospective students and their parents on the visit AIT Day organized on 12 July 2010.

Prospective students welcomed on Visit AIT Day

AIT alumnus Mr. Somjate Saifon

This opinion was also echoed by AIT alumnus, Mr. Somjate Saifon, Director and Chemicals Manager, Esso (Thailand) PCL, who specially participated in the event to enlighten prospective students regarding the advantages of acquiring education at AIT. Mr. Saifon, who graduated with a Master’s of Engineering from the School of Advanced Technologies in the field Industrial Engineering and Management in 1983 from AIT, highlighted the role that the institute had played during his formative years.

Prof. Worsak, who welcomed the guests on behalf of the AIT President, remarked that AIT was an educational institute with strong research emphasis. “AIT deals with real life development problems and helps in capacity building for sustainable development,” Prof. Worsak said. He added that AIT is oriented towards professions and has a global network of partners. He traced the history of AIT beginning as the SEATO graduate school of engineering with a focus on teaching during its first two decades, before gradually transforming itself into a research university from 1970 onwards. He enumerated the various academic offerings at AIT stating that AIT is the “only real international post graduate institutions in Thailand.”

President of the AIT Student Union,  Mr. Worawaj Onnom, who is currently pursuing his doctorate in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems mentioned the facilities that students enjoy at AIT and how work, study and play all coalesce in a student’s life at AIT.

An interactive session followed with Ms. Ann Lopez Fontanilla, Head Students, answering queries regarding campus accommodation, courses and other facilities. Later the prospective students enjoyed an international meal and visited the various schools and facilities at AIT.

Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai addressing prospective students on Visit AIT Day at the AIT Conference Center.