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Appointment of Vice Presidents, School Deans, and Administration Officials

AIT President Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai has announced the appointment of Vice Presidents, Deans and administration officials. The appointments shall be effective from 1 January 2016.

The announcement from the AIT President reads as follows (with additional photographs):

I am pleased to update the AIT community of some recent and ongoing changes in the AIT Management and administrative structure, which will take place from the first half of 2016.  A major administrative restructuring is intended to be completed by 1 July 2016.

A.      Vice Presidents

(From left: Prof. Sivanappan Kumar, Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut, and Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto).

I am pleased to extend the part-time appointments of the following Vice Presidents for the six-month period from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2016.  Subject to the approval of the AIT Board of Trustees, a revised administrative structure, including the Vice President structure, will be set up from 1 July 2016.

Professor Sivanappan Kumar as Vice President for Academic Affairs (50%); remaining 50% as Professor in Energy, School of Environment, Resources & Development;
Professor Kanchana Kanchanasut as Vice President for Research (50%); remaining 50% as Director of the Internet Education & Research Laboratory (intERLab); and
Professor Kazuo Yamamoto as Vice President for Resource Development (60%); remaining 40% with the University of Tokyo, Japan.

B.      School Deans

(From lefft: Prof. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul, Prof. Rajendra Shrestha, and Prof. Nazrul Islam).

Last month, I invited the faculty members of the School of Engineering & Technology, as well as the School of Environment, Resources & Development to initiate an internal process and recommend acceptable candidates for the School Dean position from their respective Schools.

After thoughtful consideration and consultation, I am pleased to make the following full-time School Dean appointments for the two-year period from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017, subject to the continuation of their appointments as faculty members in the Institute.

Professor Voratas Kachitvichyanukul as Dean of the School of Engineering & Technology; and
Professor Rajendra Prasad Shrestha as Dean of the School of Environment, Resources & Development.

Professor M Nazrul Islam continues to serve as interim Dean of the School of Management until a successful candidate is selected from the ongoing international recruitment process.

C.      Administrative Interim Appointments

While the restructuring and reorganization of the central administration is underway, as part of the administrative reform, I am pleased to make the following interim appointments with effect from 1 January 2016:

(From left: Shawn Kelly, Ms Chalita Lertwinyu, Karma Rana, and Somnuk Yardpaka).

Mr Shawn Patrick Kelly as Acting Head of the External Relations & Communications Office (ERCO);
Ms Chalita Lertwinyu, Assistant to the President, to oversee the Royal Thai Government (RTG) and Government Relations Units (GRU), which shall later be integrated into one office;
Mr Karma Rana, Institute Secretary, to also be in charge of the Secretariat of the Board of Trustees and its Committees.
Ms Somnuk Yardpaka will assume interim responsibilities on student counselling.  The Student Counselling Unit will be formally established under the Student Office from 1 July 2016.

 Your continuing support to our colleagues in their respective capacities would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Professor Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
Asian Institute of Technology
17 December 2015