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Life on Campus

From breakfast in the cafeteria to late night discussions, AIT students have opportunities to experience a cross-cultural life. Students live on a 160-hectare green and park-like campus, which soon becomes a home away from home for most students.

Academic Support System

Lecture Rooms are fully equipped with facilities for teaching and research that include wireless Internet links.

Laboratories are on par with those of universities of regional standing. Most benefit from close interfaces with the industry.

Computing Services are everywhere because AIT students use computers extensively. Each dormitory, classroom, laboratory, and study hall is wired for email/internet access.

The Language Center offers a range intensive language and academic preparation programs for students preparing for study at AIT. The programs are intended to ensure that prospective students learn to use English for their own educational purposes while improving their competencies in the language. Regular courses are offered every semester and during term breaks.

The Library is central to the academic life of every student. The Institute has an integrated online system library with over 250,000 items and 900 journal subscriptions in science, engineering, technology, and management.

Campus Support System

Dormitories come in a wide range. There is appropriate housing for all types of students (single, married, etc.). Dormitories are equipped with furniture, telephones, and hook-up to the Internet via the AIT LAN.

Cafeteria. There are plenty of places on campus to enjoy an inexpensive meal, with different types of cuisine. Vegetarian and halal menus are served daily.

Sports and Recreation facilities include a swimming pool, tennis courts, table tennis, badminton courts, basketball courts, football, cricket and hockey fields. Students, whether seasoned athletes or novices, enjoy a wide variety of athletic pursuits.

Medical Services are provided by health professionals and support medical staff on a 24-hour basis.

Weekend and Activities. The Student Union organizes regular weekend activities in exploring Thailand and neighboring countries. On-campus, students enjoy weekly movies, parties, and sports tournaments.

Religious Life. AIT supports individual religious participation and spiritual search. It seeks to attract and support students and faculty of a wide variety of religious backgrounds while offering no institutional preferences or affiliation. A common prayer room is provided for all beliefs.

Visa Arrangements are effectively served by the Government Relations Office. Documentation and visa arrangements to all non-Thai students, faculty and staff, including assistance in securing visas for their spouse and children, are provided all throughout their stay at AIT.

Counseling is available at all times. The counselor guides students outside of his academic activities, in all aspects of his life at AIT, from enrollment to finding employment.

Women's Support is apparent in most activities. The Women Study Circle promotes the advancement of women to strengthen their role in the development process.

Child Support is provided by the AIT Community School offering early childhood education from kindergarten to Grade 6 for children of faculty, staff and students. The language of instruction is English and ESL training is available.

Other Services include conference facilities and a hotel, a post office, bookstore, bank, and convenience stores.