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Student Accommodation

All incoming students are encouraged to reside on or near the Institute’s campus to benefit from the experience of international living. However, on-campus accommodation is limited. When accommodation is not available on-campus you may choose to live off-campus. If you need assistance to arrange off-campus accommodation, please contact the Student Accommodation Office. Students who want to reside off-campus must request permission from their School Dean and the Head of Students Office.

Students, who are married and wish to bring their families to AIT, need to submit a copy of marriage certificate or evidence to support the marital status and copy of passport. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT NO SPOUSE OR FAMILY MEMBER IS ALLOWED ON-CAMPUS ACCOMMODATION UNTIL AVAILABILITY OF MARRIED UNIT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED IN WRITING BY THE STUDENT ACCOMMODATION OFFICER. Please also note that under Thai Immigration Laws, no dependents of Non-Thai AIT students are permitted to work outside AIT under a dependent (Category O) visa.

On-campus accommodation rent is charged on a monthly basis to be paid at the beginning of each month. Deposit equivalent to one month standard rent is also charged at the beginning of the first month of study and will be refunded in full or partial amount after submission of financial clearance from campus accommodation obligations. For further inquiries, please contact the Student Accommodation Office at: E-mail: sao@ait.ac.th , Fax : (66-2) 524 5093 or Tel.: (66-2) 524 6630.