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The SCPU was created in 2002 to address the need of the central administration to monitor sponsored and contracted projects with regards to compliance issues, project objectives, efficiency and abuse.

SCPU Mission Statement


Vision and Values

The Sponsored and Contracted Projects Unit is an administrative unit that helps the Asian Institute of Technology provide an effective environment for faculty and staff research. The Unit, which was created in 2002, is responsible for providing support to various types of research projects and activities undertaken by research faculty and staff, from the formulation down to the implementation, management/resolution and monitoring stages. SCPU is under the Office of Research and Education Support, and receives guidance from the Vice President for Research.

The current administrative set-up requires SCPU to coordinate research and project activities with the Offices of Finance, President and Vice-President for Research. A research project's pre and post execution responsibilities are managed by functionally defined individuals in these offices. SCPU itself is composed of a Projects Coordinator.

The Purpose

The Sponsored and Contracted Projects Unit within the Research and Education Support Office (RES Office) is created to serve the scholarly and creative activities of faculty, staff and students under external funding and sponsorship.

The Function

Our task is to facilitate and administer internal support for sponsored and contracted researches, consultancies, training and other Institute-wide projects, oversee the compliance of Institute research with sponsors, donors and Institute policies, and to document and disseminate the scholarly achievements of the members of the AIT community. Where possible, we aim to facilitate the procurement of external support through research grants, contracts, and technical assistance agreements.




The SCPU will:

Enhance research creativity in AIT.

Increase external support for research and provide linkages between the AIT community and potential research funding donors.

Strengthen internal processes and create an environment of incentives for the conduct of research.

Celebrate the achievement of researchers.


As an academic service unit, we are committed to the academic excellence of AIT. We therefore value:

Intellectual freedom: the pursuit of knowledge is built in an environment that encourages free and open inquiry, academic achievement, scholarship and creativity.

Collaboration: success can be achieved through collaboration and teamwork with partners who share the same goals

Equality: faculty and staff have equal opportunities to develop themselves through the pursuit of research and excellence

Stewardship: good governance, accountability and compliance in the management and administration of donor-funded projects will build confidence among our partners and sponsors

Reliability: service-mindedness and surety in our performance lead to trust and integrity within the community


For updates on Policies and Procedures of Sponsored and Contracted Research, click here.

Contact Us


Mr Gopi Krishna P.V
Room 217, Administration Building
Asian Institute of Technology
Phone: +662 524 6424
Fax: +662 524 5069
Email: scpo@ait.ac.th