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Partners of AIT are valued for their leadership and commitment in supporting the mission of the Institute and helping the Institute not only to respond to the needs of the region but to anticipate them.

A unique Institute, AIT plays a major role in the development of its immediate region, and in promoting the region internationally. Co-operation is essential to the very concept of AIT. The Institute brings together 200 highly qualified, full-time faculty members from 21 countries worldwide, a student body of 2,000 from 46 countries and 1.000 researchers and support personnel from 30 countries. The work they carry out emanates from needs and hopes of local, regional and international organizations as well as local and regional business and industry.

Developing countries experience problems in competing for market share based primarily on low production costs and standardized production. Their need to reduce poverty, secure a healthy environment, improve infrastructure and attain an acceptable position in the world market rests on building human capacity. There are many opportunities to engage in innovation and to apply knowledge in new ways and it is here AIT can play a major role in collaboration with industries, governmental organizations and other universities for the best of our region.

AIT is proud of its long-standing relationships with a large number of important partners who enable AIT to fulfill its mission in the fields of human and institutional development. To date, nearly 14,000 students from 75 countries have graduated and now occupy positions of responsibility in government, academia and/or the private sector. The vast majority of these AlT alumni (around 90%) live and work in our region.

AIT places great value on strengthening regional and global institutional linkages and partnerships. Therefore, we invite organizations and individuals to explore partnership opportunities with AIT.

Partners of AIT

Following are the current partners of AIT:

To become a partner, please contact

External Relations & Communications Office
P.O. Box 4 Klong Luang
Pathumthani 12120 Thailand
Tel.: (66-2) 524-6316, 6119, 6108
Fax.: (66-2) 524-6077
e-mail: erco@ait.ac.th