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Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is comprised of all full-time Professors Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Instructors and Visiting Faculty with a period of appointment of not less than one year, and is led by its Chairman, who is elected among its members for a duration of two years. Currently, Prof. Kyoko Kusakabe is the Chairman of the Academic Senate.

The Academic Senate meetings are normally held once a month, and is responsible for recommending to the President policies for developing and conducting academic programs and policies, reviewing and establishing curricula, awarding of degrees and diplomas, and evaluating faculty productivity and performance. 

Recommendation on the award of degrees and diplomas is also made by the Academic Senate (Review of Students) meeting which is held once every semester.

Furthermore, the Academic Senate is responsible for recommending through the President to the Board of Trustees nominations for the Honorary Doctorate degree. The Academic Senate appoints Honorary Doctorate Degree Committee (HDDC) for each specific case.

The Academic Senate determines the conduct of its own affairs other than those described above, and may form committees, working groups and task forces as deemed appropriate to report to the Academic Senate or act on its behalf.

The Doctoral Progress Review Committee (DPRC) and the Academic Development Review Committee (ADRC) are its two standing committees. Both committees are comprised of 9 members (with 3 members from each school - one from each faculty rank i.e. Full Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor). However, currently there are 8 members in DPRC (one member less from School of Management) and 7 members in ADRC (two member less from School of Management). The members of these standing committees are appointed by the Academic Senate normally for a term of two years upon nomination received from the respective School Dean.